Monday, 13 September 2010

Westminster Friends - Robert Halfon MP, Harlow

Robert Halfon, the MP for Harlow, has posted the following on his blog:

Preventing suicides on the Railways.

Good effort.

Poetry Korner - lines on the departure of Dr Death

This just in from Clarence Spad, Life President, Young Railway Poets Society, Platform 5 Reading Station (the interesting end)

So farewell then Dr Mitchell.
Or may I call you Mad Mike?

It is hard to know where to start the eulogies,
So much progress was made on your watch.
Like the ever morphing Intercity Excess Programme,.
Or the way you brought the rapacious ROSCOs to heel.
And while we are talking of rolling stock,
And talking about them is the nearest we get to new trains,
There is the triumph of the HLOS 1300 vehlcies.
Not to mention the Thameslink fleet procurement
(which is supposed to be all over by Christmas).

You were resolute on Network Rail.
Never deviating from the view that it was a private company.
And nothing to do with DfT,
Even when Lord Whatsisface thought he ran the railways.

You kept the TOCs under a tight rein too.
Resolutely rejecting Virgin's attempts to extend their franchise.
And stripped National Express of the East Coast route,
after they had told you they were handing back the keys...
And you showed Brian Souter what he could do with his cap & collar clauses in the SWT franchise agreement.

But now it seems that you have been uncollared and caped.

With ardent acknowledgments to EJ Thribb of Private Eye.

Railway Garden Competition - Newport

This from 87027...

During a stroll around the incomplete new Newport station this morning I decided to take in the old subway, on the basis that it won't be open to the public for much longer.

This is a shame, since it means that the public will no longer be able to enjoy the attractive collection of ferns which are growing out of the wall under the station through lines.

It's always good to see nature surviving, even directly beneath hourly heavy freight trains in places where the sun don't shine.

Crow-bar and ConDems both in la-la land

So the brothers at the TUC annual conference plan industrial action to prevent cuts in public spending.

This nonsense from Crow-bar Bob today:

"The TUC has to be the launch-pad for the fight back against the coalition Government's decision to unleash all out class warfare through their unprecedented attack on our communities, public services, welfare state and transport system. Our defence must be built on generalised strike action and community resistance in the biggest public mobilisation since the anti-poll tax movement."

Meanwhile the ConDems are busy making soothing noises about wanting to "work with the unions".

Ah such innocence!

Perhaps Petrol-head should have a word with LUL management so he can explain to his government colleagues precisely how you work with Crow-bar and his ilk when they decide to undertake politically motivated strike action.

Errr... you don't and you can't and you won't!

Vulture Spikes - Manchester Piccadilly CCTV

Vulture Spikes - York station clock

Time for an exciting new Railway Eye feature.

This from a Mr Swift...

Just look at the recently restored York vintage clock proudly sitting above the passenger footbridge in the magnificent York station.

One wonders if our Victorian Engineers envisaged the use of 8 inch long Vulture Spikes !

UPDATE: This from AlanG...

I am a bit puzzled that there is a small clock built into the large clock, showing the time 40 minutes ago.

Is that the time that the an Arriva XC train with WiFi should have arrived?

Oops sorry need a 2009 calendar for that :)

UPDATE: This from King Henry...

I wonder whether Vulture Spikes need, and have received, planning permission?

York Station is after all a Grade 2* Listed building and the slightest alteration has to be put to the City Council (which recently won an appeal to have Starbucks banished from the entrance hall).

Perhaps we should he told?

Railway Garden Competition - Wrexham General

Potter unveils early Christmas wish list

This from Driver Potter...

Dear Father Christmas

I have been a very good driver this year.

Every work night I am in bed at some point, and I have cleaned my teeth and cleaned my boots (using the same brush - I'm learning to economise as well) and my trains sometimes turn up on time.

For my Christmas present this year I would like either a Casio electric keyboard or a bloody great electric loco.

If your sack isn't big enough to hold them both, could you combine them in one handy package?

The snow would also be greatly appreciated.