Saturday, 21 February 2009

Virgin unspun?



And in the Daily Telegraph of all places!

The train service may be more punctual and getting faster, but both expense and discomfort are going up, too. There were strikes, and it was all filthy, but otherwise – what exactly was wrong with British Rail?

The Fact Compiler's flabber is gasted!

Calder on the nail

Unusual words of wisdom in the Independent this morning.

This from Simon Calder...

Plenty is still wrong with Britain’s rail pricing: if you miss your train, you can throw away your Advance ticket... But much is looking good – and, as business travel declines, leisure travel deals should get even better.

Indeed they should. What with several InterCity TOCs already recording a 30% year on year fall in first class traffic.

Heir of kettles

***This from the BBC, with a Bowler tip to Behind the Water Tower***

Randy Shooter

Bowler tip to Vincent for this...

Chiltern have out PR'ed Virgin!

Good effort!

Gates reduce headcount?

Telegrammed by the Archer
This from DafT...

Tackling fare dodgers and making stations in South London safer

New measures to clamp down on fare dodgers and make stations in south London safer were announced by Transport Minister Andrew Adonis today.

The new £5.5 million project will improve security at 14 south London stations using new ticketing gates which could save train bosses from incurring substantial revenue losses.

Perma-tan Rail will be happy, RMT less so.

Hurrah for the weekend!