Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Anthropologically misunderstood?

Explaining Saturday nights chaos on the Circle line Mayor BoJo argued that the revellers had been "anthropomorphically misunderstood"

“I think what we had there was the kind of exuberant, Celtic-style wake for the passing, the long overdue passing, of a custom” he continued.

This clarification from the Mayor is very helpful as many Tube staff and passengers had mistaken those involved for a pissed-up rabble.

For the avoidance of doubt and ease of identification The Fact Compiler thought it might be helpful to show this picture of members of the Iceni tribe in mourning.

Spot the Crank #1

This young man is currently COO of one of the UKs premier InterCity TOCs.

Do you know who it is yet?

Answers on a postcard please to:

Chris Gibbs
Virgin Trains
PO BOX 713
B5 4HH

Credit crisis hits new trains

Whilst The Big Grin Engine has ensured that English rail expansion is off the agenda the situation North of the border couldn't be more different.

There devolution has empowered the Scottish Executive to sponsor six major projects, including five line reopenings, to the tune of £1.5bn.

And whilst English TOCs wait for the Dullards at Daft to address the chronic shortage of trains, Transport Scotland has already set about procuring 120 new vehicles to strengthen services on the thriving Glasgow/Ayr and Glasgow Airport routes.

Despite rearguard lobbying from UNITE the manufacturer has already been chosen (Siemens) and the ROSCO appointed (HSBC) but now the deal starts to get messy.

Tartan sources advise that the new train order should have been announced some months ago but this has been delayed several times as the banking crisis worsens.

With a credit squeeze taking place and higher premiums on borrowing there are more attractive deals for the money to chase.

Before chums in the South East get too smug at their Scots' cousins misfortunes The Fact Compiler urges caution.

Whispers reach him that the credit crunch is also impacting on Southern's order for new
Electrostars, needed to meet the revised service in Thameslink Key Output 0.