Thursday, 22 October 2009

Pointless signs - RVAR edition

Eye helps NX understand where it went wrong

Telegrammed by the Velopodist
This nonsense has just reached me from National Express:

Fares from £13* – it's a mystery how we do it

*One-way fare from London to York

It's no 'mystery' - they just lose lots of money.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Saltaire...

The ad might have read London to York once upon a time…. but now it says Edinburgh to York.

Perhaps NXEC is paying attention to The Eye?

Judging by a conversation yesterday with one of their senior execs that is indeed the case...

In happier times...

A mournful email reaches The Fact Compiler from NR's Internet Rapid Rebuttal Unit...

Look at Nigel's expression when he had to award Network Rail the 'outstanding press office of the year' prize at the NRA a few years ago.

We won it in successive years but strangely enough the award was 'retired'…

Would Eye be right in thinking that all is not well between Media House and the New Black Tower?

NX Interim Management Statement

This issued today...

"Discussions continue on the hand back of the East Coast rail franchise.

"At 30 September, £34 million of the available £40 million Group loan to this franchise had been utilised.

"Ongoing losses have been charged against the contract exit provision established at the half year.

"We are working towards agreeing a formal handback date for the franchise, prior to year end.