Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sorry is the hardest word

The Fact Compiler is a fan of Rail Minister Tom Harris MP.

Not least for his witty, self deprecating and frequently off-message blog which somehow escapes the attention of the party's thought police.

However, there are concerns for his sanity following an interview last night with Christian Wolmar on the BBC Wales programme "Week In; Week Out".

Harris told Wolmar that had the railways still been nationalised in 1997 "then I think we (Labour) would have privatised them."

Unfortunately for Harris and co the Tories had already buggered-up the national rail system by the time the party came into power.

Not to be outdone New Labour turned its attention to the London Underground.

The Big Grin himself promoted the disastrous PPP that saw contractor Metronet bite the dust saddling the tax payer with a bill likely to top £1bn.

Of course the Tories have had the good grace to apologise for breaking BR but as yet from Labour not a word.

So perhaps it was better for Tom to focus on what Labour might have done to BR rather than the real damage they did to LU.