Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ozymandi've had enough!

Telegrammed from the Millenium Death Falcon Star
"Hello again...

"As you can see in the full length picture of Iain at Rugby he is standing in the designated walking area (see below).

"Indeed, the COSS was nearby and had approved Iain's PPE and his location.

"Sorry to spoil your fun.

"Anyway, I must get back to neo-Stakhanovite endeavours of promoting the fantastic new opportunities for passengers and freight users (that) the completion of the West Coast project opens up."

Soup dragon!

Wolmar vindicated!

Telegrammed from Eboracum (50A)
As if further proof were needed...

Zontar - "My Lord!"

Ozymandiain lV

Telegrammed by King Coal
Eagle-eyed readers of Network Rail's neo-Stakhanovite proclamations may have noted a recent picture of Mr Coucher leaning against an EPS125 PSR board, trying hard not to grin and wearing a very smart NR high visibility vest.

But what's upon his head?

Why nothing!

Are not NR staff now mandated to wear hard hats of whatever colour is deemed suitable this week?

Perhaps the COSS was holding it, what with Iain being within 3 metres of the nearest running rail and all.

Death Falcon Il

Telegrammed by the late Sir William Pollitt
On a railway far, far away...

Although the Millennium Falcon generally came up trumps at the end of the day, isn't it also true to say that the battered old thing only did so after much persuasion, cajoling - and occasionally a good old kick in the dashboard?

Duly rebuked/persuaded it would then cough, splutter and finally shoot off doing almost the right thing, but barely answering to the controls and generally causing everyone on board to have palpitations?

Strike a light! Yes, Black Tower v2.0 certainly IS more Millennium Falcon than Death Star!

Death Falcon I

Telegrammed by our man at 222 Marylebone Road
Network Rail would do well to keep quiet about its new headquarters.

What with its basement concert halls and art galleries not to mention the chi-chi cafe where the beaux monde of North London can join Guardian journalists and Network Rail directors for a ristretto whilst admiring the landscaped canal.

Already railway visitors are questioning whether it is perhaps a bit too flash for an honest utility and we are urged to look at Ozymandias' new office to appreciate the grandeur.

But no signs of the statue going up as yet.