Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Germans are coming

This from George Cross...

According to Reuters:

German state rail operator Deutsche Bahn AG is in talks with Britain about running its trains on the country's only high-speed railway, in a move that could break rival Eurostar's monopoly.

As my Grandfather observed: "Nice of them to ask this time."

UPDATE: This from Hat-maker...

I note that Eurostar has rebranded a set to mark de Gaulle’s flight to exile in London seventy years ago.

With similar French victories in mind can we look forward to a Class 373 liveried to celebrate France's World Cup football team flying home in economy class?

UPDATE: This, surprisingly, from the late President Charles de Gaulle...


Pointless signs - Halifax Station

With a bowler tip to the Mytholmroyd Station Partnership...

Bloody stupid rule anyway. Ed

Railway Garden Competition - Tophsam

Railway Garden Competition - Crediton

Eye opens museum of Couchiana

Telegrammed by Bulldog Drummond
Eye is delighted to launch its new museum of Couchiana with this oddly drafted ATOC press release:

ATOC responds to Network Rail Chief Executive stepping down

In response to the news that Iain Coucher is to step down, Tom Smith, Chairman of the Association of Train Operating Companies, said:

“Iain is a major figure in the rail industry and a positive force for change.

“He has made an exceptional personal contribution to a period of sustained improvement on the railways, which has seen punctuality and passenger satisfaction reach record levels.

“We wish him the best for the future and will of course continue to work with Network Rail’s management to make the orgainsation more customer focused.”


Punctuality and even more passenger satisfaction are only part of NR's remit, what about his day job of running the business?

And what is the last para trying to say?

Surely it is not suggesting that Coucher was not customer focussed? Perish the thought.

Meanwhile any Eye readers know what an 'orgainsation' is?

Perhaps it describes a not for profit company where you make pots of money?

UPDATE: This from

I suggest asking the reader who lives in Tophsam (2 articles up).

Muphry's rule - anyone correcting spelling will themselves make a spelling mistake.

Man plans savings on future trouser purchases

This from Slow Train author Michael Williams...

On my latest latest foray around the secondary lines of Britain I spotted this at Aberystwyth last night.

The train forming the 17.30 Cambrian line service to Birmingham International was due on at any moment. Yet nobody batted an eyelid as this passenger relaxed in the sunshine dangling his legs over the track.

'No staff, no CCTV - and nobody seemed to care...'

UPDATE: This from Myfanwy...

And evidently no seats for passengers to sit upon whilst awaiting occasional trains...

DfT - hoisted by own petard!

Eye salutes Philip Hammond for wresting the chair of the Department for Transport Board from Permanent Secretary Robert Devreaux.

As any fule kno the DfT Board has the following remit:

The role of the Department’s Board is to:

  • ensure effective governance of the Department and its Agencies, so we made the right decisions, at the right time, and properly manage risks
  • shape and direct a shared agenda for the Department as a whole, both to deliver Ministers’ priorities and to build our capability as a Department
  • monitor performance and risk, making choices (or recommendations to ministers) on priorities/risk appetite
  • oversee the health of our relations with our stakeholders and commercial partners.
With yesterday's announcement of a 25% cut to his department's budget it is good to see Petrol-head has already started getting to grips with the detail.

Industry colleague will also welcome this change.

Having dished it out now let's see how the Marsham Street mandarins take to a bit of micro-management!