Saturday, 5 September 2009

Alliva Closs Countly

This from the Ninja...

Arriva Cross Country must be getting desperate...

...judging by the enthusiasm of its train managers for excessing any passenger whose knowledge of rail fares falls just slightly short of Barry Doe's.

So far (on 1M46) I've seen one spend the time between Basingstoke and Reading winning a prize for revenue protection - but not international relations - with his treatment of four Japanese tourists unwise enough to use an SWT Groupsave ticket on an AXC "voyager".

Plus the new mobile shopette (or trolley) cornered two girls at Banbury and they got overcarried to Leamington before they could get past to rescue their luggage. Not sure if they got exc'eed though!

Perhaps it's an attempt to reduce overcrowding as I don't expect they'll be back in a hurry.

September seventy years ago...

The European railways didn't cover themselves with glory during Hitler's war.

'Nuff said.

However, there were one or two occasions where continental railways played their part.

This from Tunnel Vision...

Sir Nicholas Winton has been referred to as the ‘British Schindler’...

Eye raises the bowler to all those who played their part, on land, sea or air, seventy years ago.

Death of the machine - Shocker

Telegrammed by our Independent Expert
The fightback against mechanized mugging has begun!

This seen next to a vending machine on the down platform at Wickford today:

Perhaps a portent?

One heralding the return
of decent on-train nosh in East Anglia?

(Start lobbying Stagecoach now folks. Ed)

Eccles 25:17

Has the Silver Fox lost his touch?

Commenting on tomorrow’s widespread cancellation of services by London Midland, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Theresa Villiers, said:

“London Midland needs to get their act together. They really should have contingency plans for a situation when their regular drivers don't put their names down for Sunday shifts.

“Given the importance of Sunday services to passengers, particularly families, it is just not good enough to cancel virtually every train for the whole day just because of driver shortages. And passengers should have been given much longer notice of this problem.

“Why didn't the company see this problem coming sooner?”

No matter.

Eye gives you Mr Eccles in full flow (in French of course)...

London Midland: Be afraid, be very afraid...

Arriva XC - Lather and lace?

Arriva Cross Country must be upping its game!

Judging by the chintzy lace blinds to be found on this Voyager set pictured at Sheffield.

Presumably the much derided 'trolley' now has a linen tablecloth?

UPDATE: This just in from Arriva Cross Country...

Dear Fact Compiler

Having seen the picture of our splendid Voyager at Sheffield I couldn't help but comment.

While we aim to ensure our customers' travel experiences with us are excellent, we hadn't actually thought about putting lace blinds in the windows.

However, looking at the image a little closer I think you will find that anyone who likes the idea could enjoy a similar experience by sitting opposite any stationary train at that platform on a suitably sunny day to get the same reflection from the canopy edgings.

Sadly, like the accusation our 'trolley' service is "much derided", there's just no truth to the story...