Monday, 17 January 2011

Wolmar takes the Nimby shilling - Shocker

This from the Windsorian...

I see that a Stop HS2 2011 National Convention has been called for 19th February at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire.

Apparently the opening speaker is none other than... Christian Wolmar - the World's Greatest Living Transport Correspondent!

Eye fervently hopes that the Great Man can recover his bicycle in time to attend this important event.

Perhaps readers can help?

Apparently it was last seen on Mount Kilimanjaro, further updates would be appreciated...

UPDATE: This also from the Windsorian...

Wolmar sets out his case against HS2...

No longer 'Two Bikes Wolmar' - now it's 'Two Mikes'!

On a more serious note, Wolmar asks legitimate questions about the case for HS2.

Anyone care to go head-to-head with Wolmar in a public debate?

Jim Steer? Or perhaps our very own Petrol-head...

UPDATE: This from The Water Baby...

May I please open a book on things Wolmar is most likely NOT to say in his address to the Stop HS2 mob?

How about:

HS2 is palpably unnecessary because ETCS Level 3 has the potential to unlock hitherto unimaginable reams of spare capacity on the upgraded 21st Century WCML by providing "straight out of the box" moving block functionality...!?!'

UPDATE: This from a Julie Mills, at Greengauge 21...

Having seen your recent post on Christian Wolmar...

Jim Steer of Greengauge 21 would be more than happy to debate the case for HS2 with Christian and to explain why it is needed and how it does have a very good economic and environmental case.

Good effort! Wolmar do you accept the challenge?

Hitachiballs: Rising Sun flies over Derby?

Telegrammed by Howard Wade
This from the Northern Echo on the 13th January...

THE Japanese government yesterday lobbied ministers to urge them not to reject Hitachi’s £7.5bn plans to bring train building back to the region.

Shin Ebihara, the country’s ambassador to the UK, requested the meeting with Transport Secretary Philip Hammond, as one of his last acts before leaving the post.

Meanwhile, it is understood that Yutaka Banno, Japan’s Foreign Secretary, is also attempting to secure talks at the Department for Transport (Dft), when he arrives in Britain next week.

The powerful twin-pronged lobbying operation underlines the huge importance of the Intercity Express Programme (IEP) to the world’s third-biggest economy – as well as to the North-East.

Neil Foster, Northern TUC campaigns officer, said: “Why hasn’t the Government yet committed to the Agility consortium, which would create 800 direct and 7,500 indirect British jobs? Why are they considering an off-theshelf option overseas?

Diesel locomotives are made in Germany and the US, while most electric trains are manufactured in Germany, France and Spain, although some are made in Derby by Bombardier.

Presumably the East Midlands TUC Campaigns Officer is asleep?

Is Bombardier's Management unable to see any problem in a foreign train manufacturer whose home market is protected from international competition lobbying to put Derby Litchurch Lane out of business?

And, Hello!, is anyone awake at the Derby and Derbyshire Rail Forum?

Why aren't East Midlands MPs being primed to defend skilled local manufacturing jobs in Derby with the same vim and vigour as North Eastern MPs push for unskilled assembly roles on their patch?

No doubt the Hon Members for Derby and Derbyshire will become highly vocal once it is all too late and the closure notice is posted on the gates of Litchurch Lane!

Meanwhile our ever cost conscious Government must be absolutely delighted by Hitachi's insistence that it should receive a £15 million bung towards the cost of a new assembly plant in the North East?

As for the TUC's lobbying, even Tokyo Rose knew that you needed a modicum of accuracy to make propaganda convincing.

Apart from 'some' electric trains being built at Derby (actually about 5 vehicles a week at present) roughly 20% of the content-by-value of the new Pendolinos is being manufactured at Preston, Lancs. This is high added value traction equipment, not a mere spanner and screwdriver fitting-out job which apparently Foster San thinks more important than the real high tech British design and manufacturing jobs which could be lost.

Would any politician or civil servant recognise the long term value of an industrial strategy?

That is, of course, a rhetorical question.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Reginald Slicker

You do the hard pressed British rail traveller no favours with your jingoistic attempts to stem the tide of international trade and keep the Derby factory manufacturing trains when superior products are available from abroad.

If you had your way, passengers on South Eastern's high speed services would not be travelling in the lightest trains in Britain with better reliability and availability figures way exceeding that achieved by European manufacturers.

I remain, Sir, R Slicker

Villiers vignettes - improvements to South Eastern

This from Kentnews...

A government minister has refused to intervene in the ongoing rail fare dispute, stating the massive price hike was well within the rights of Kent’s berated train firm.

Conservative transport minister Theresa Villiers wrote to North Thanet MP Roger Gale saying she would not approach Southeastern boss Charles Horton on the issue.

In a letter to the senior Tory backbencher, Ms Villiers said the train company was allowed to increase fares by inflation plus three per cent rather than the normal one per cent to cover improvements made to the network.

Presumably Cruella had the recent adverse weather in mind when referring to 'improvements' made to South Eastern's network?

Celtic fringe lambasts ATW

Exciting news for fans of the Welsh language!

This from the Cambrian News...

A LANGUAGE row has erupted in Pen Llyn, after councillors criticised a train company for using English-only announcements on their service.

The issue was raised by Pwllheli town councillor Alan Williams, who said: “I find it very disappointing that in such a Welsh area as Pwllheli and Pen Llyn, the announcements are made in English only.

“I travel a lot on the Cambrian Line, all the way down to Aberdyfi sometimes, and I was shocked to hear English-only announcements."

He said, errr... in English!