Wednesday, 6 May 2009

RMT calls for renationalisation of East-Coast Line

Bears crap in woods.

Pope Catholic

No shit Sherlock

UPDATE 08/05/09: A slow news day at the FT. They actually ran with this tosh.

Safety question as barrier bites bike.

More horror stories are emerging as the Battle of the Barriers rumbles on...

This from a gentleman in Norwich who regularly passes through the barriers there, and at Liverpool Street stations:

I can confirm the statement about the gates being powerful - my bike has twice been 'clamped' and it took a great deal of manual force by the staff to release it.

They were unable it do it electronically with their pass.

Had this been a child, I hate to think what would have resulted.

So bike owners have now joined parents and dog owners in questioning whether these new gates are fit for purpose.

Presumably the TOCs installing them have done a proper risk assessment?