Monday, 8 October 2012

Has anyone seen the Rail Delivery Group?

This from Leo Pink...

At this critical time when the railway industry, standing shoulder to shoulder needs to take back its future from the so-called Department for Transport where is the notional leadership to lead the fight?

Wasn't the Rail Delivery Group set up at the behest of McNulty to provide just the very leadership we need in this time of turmoil?

But where is the RDG?  

Where are its views on the future of franchising? 

Why isn't the RDG leading the review of franchising? After all its members actually run franchises. 

Surely the RDG could have saved Richard Brown from being torn away from his comfy armchair and slippers?

On the other hand, does the silence of the RDG reveal it to be a fair weather talking shop?  

After all its Chairman and two senior Members are busy consulting M'Learned Friends. So agreeing a common position is presumably somewhat difficult to deliver?
Meanwhile, the brooding giant that is Network Rail awaits its hour...

BBC explains working of DfT franchise model

This from a Mr Say Wott...


Writing on the wall for FCC at Luton

This from a Mr Hind...

During works on the Luton bus way the following was revealed...

Bearing in mind that the Thameslink franchise competition has been suspended there seems little point in covering it up again...

UPDATE: This from the Man by the Photocopier...
Sorry to be a party pooper, but the fact compiler has been misled. 
That BR sign on the bridge at Luton has been visible all along, and much treasured by those who knew it was there. 
Time to put it on the front of the station, though?

Eurostar e320 - tickets now available!

This from Citizen Smith...

Seen at one of the Edgware Road's more creative travel  agents.

Still it beats the usual Eurostar broom cupboard!

DfT officially not in panic mode - Don't panic!!!

No hint of panic then in DfT's decision to announce a change to the planned January fares increase yesterday.

A Sunday.

A Sunday that followed the week where the government's entire franchising policy came crashing down around its ears. 

A Sunday that isn't the 5th of December, which is when the Autumn Statement is due to be given.

A Sunday that just happened to coincide with the start of the Tory Party conference.

A Sunday where the tiniest piece of good news would be embraced by the party faithful as a drowning man clutches at straw.

So no panic at all.

No indeedy, absolutely none at all.

In related news Eye understands that the Pope is no longer Catholic and bears have ceased defecating in woods.