Friday, 18 June 2010

Welcome to Stockade station

This from Biggles...

Any idea who, or what, is responsible for the rash of platform-end fencing that is going up at West Coast stations?

Is it reaction to a real issue, or has someone just decided to waste money.

After all, we've managed without for 170 years!

UPDATE: This from a Mr Tilly...

Noticed metal railings and level crossing trespass grids poorly installed at stations Coventry to New Street on Monday.

Definitely further extravagant spending of taxpayers money and as suggested never been needed before.

And my spies in LNW tell me they've left the SPT the wrong side of the fence at Stockport - another own goal!

UPDATE: This from the Master...

It's not just the West Coast - these useless monstrosities are marring many an attractive station in the Thames valley too.

They're a classic example of being seen to be doing something - only in this case its expensive vandalism.

Eye hopes that David Young will come down hard on this sort of expensive nonsense as part of his Health & Safety Review.

UPDATE: This from Anon...

They are required to be considered for deterring unauthorised access from platform ends a la Railway Group Standard RIS-7700-INS (sections 11.2 & 11.3).

Does David Young have remit over Group Standards? Perhaps he ought?