Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Adonis rebrands before the HS2 announcement

So farewell then High Speed Evangelist - you are no more!

According to the Prime Minister's spokesman, in the Lobby today, Lord Adonis referred to himself as 'the Thin Controller' at this morning's Cabinet.

The Thin Controller also told cabinet that we now have the 'most reliable network in history' and that the Government would carry on with electrification of the network.

Clearly the Thin Controller remains unabashed by last week's derailment of the IEP.

Eye awaits Thursday's announcement on High Speed 2 with bated breath...

UPDATE: This from our man at 222 Marylebone Road...

What's he mean, 'carry on with electrification'?

Nothing's happened yet!

UPDATE: This, surprisingly, from a Mr David Bowie...

Hey, guys,

I guess this 'Thin Controller' schtick is an homage to the original 'Thin White dude'.


UPDATE: This from Prudence Rectitude...

At least the demise of the IEP won't add to the worsening trade deficit which in January stood at £8bn.

Although I'm sure I heard the IEP was to be built by a "British led consortium" - LOL!

UPDATE: This from IanFury, via Twitter...

(In response to a story in the Telegraph that the Chinese are planning a high speed line from Beijing to London)

My money is on the Chinese to finish before HS2 even starts.

Signalling grades low pay - Shocker

This from Jamie...

Saw this on Saturday parked by Gillingham Signalbox...

Any vacancies for a box-boy?