Wednesday, 4 May 2011

DfT exports expertise overseas?

This headline from the Railway Gazette...

Lombardia regional operator Trenord launched with €250m train tender

€250m for a tender. Eye dreads to think how much the loco will cost.

Perhaps Trenord has been taking lessons in value for money procurement from DafT's IEP team?

Posh graffito - Carlisle

This from Fellrunner...

As the Settle-Carlisle line enters Carlisle, in splendid isolation among the former Durran Hill yard's tree growth, there is a fence made of wooden sleepers.

Some years ago a sentimentalist applied the prosaic word 'Bollox', which neatly sums up the scene.

Our On-Train Guides (we aim to have a volunteer guide on six trains a day) regularly point this out to visiting groups and there is shared amusement and regret about this lazy text-speak abbreviation.

Trouble is, the white paint is fading and this small detail of S&C history is now at risk.

I wonder if the new caring Network Rail could be persuaded to freshen up this significant piece of historic railway graffito?

RMT puts on a show for major rail event

This from the Archer...

RMT announce the following strike dates over the alleged unfair dismissal of two of its members by London Underground:

  • 21:01 16 May - 11:59 17 May
  • 12:00 18 May - 11:59 19 May
  • 12:00 - 2100 20 May
  • 21:02 13 June - 11:59 14 June
  • 12:00 15 June - 11:59 16 June
  • 12:00 - 21:00 17 June
Eye’s readers may wish to look into alternative transport arrangements for this year’s Railtex event at Earls Court (14-16 June).