Friday, 15 April 2011

Any Questions?

Sadly no!

It would appear that disruption on the East Coast Main Line has prevented Jonathan Dimbleby chairing tonight's topical debate from The National Railway Museum in Shildon, County Durham.

The panellists who had hoped to take questions from the floor were Employment Minister Chris Grayling, Labour peer Lord Malloch-Brown, Chairman of Interbrand Rita Clifton, and the Liberal Democrats' former Director of Policy Richard Grayson.

No doubt the railway will provide a suitable explanation for today's 'service perturbation'?

UPDATE: This from the Northern Echo...

'Nuff said.

Exciting Eye Friday Quiz!

Q: What is the similarity between the Forth Bridge and Network Rail's Head of Media?

A. Both can be found at the same location and neither now possess a Blackberry

UPDATE: This from Our Man by the Photocopier...

In these austere times perhaps he will be issued with two tin cans and a bit of string as a replacement?

Petrol-head attacked by Eagle - Shocker

Shocking scenes at Crewe on Tuesday, during a visit by Philip Hammond to the LNWR Heritage Apprentice Scheme.

During a tour of the LNWR Heritage facility an enormous eagle was seen to launch an unprovoked attack on the Transport Secretary!

The deranged eagle is believed to have escaped from Arriva's nearby LNWR depot.

Reichsbahn spokesman Doctor Ing Zetruth said "Despite the DfT unaccountably failing to shortlist Arriva for any franchises we do not in any way hold Herr Ham-and-Eggs responsible for this gross slur on the glorious railway undertakings of Greater Germany.

"There is no truth in the scurilious suggestion that the eagle was only following orders.
" he added.

The Secretary of State was unharmed and the eagle has been returned to Berlin, where it was awarded the Iron Cross (Bird Class).

Miliband abolishes First Class!

This from Guido...

Note the missing antimacassar.

Full story here...

Pointless signs - Euston

This from The Skip...

Peak times, perchance?