Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Greening to meet the railway she runs?

Eye's man with the soothing bedside manner has been in contact.

Apparently Cruella will be spending more time than expected under doctor's orders, following her recent bicycle contretemps.

Eye of course joins the rest of the railway in wishing Theresa a speedy recovery.

However, every cloud and all that.

With the department one minister down it will fall to the Captain of Netball to sell the government's exciting new franchising policy to a frankly sceptical industry.

No doubt there is growing panic in Marsham Street that Ms Greening might actually start meeting people who run real trains?

John Mann MP says move DfT to Birmingham

Labour MP John Mann has tabled eight Bills proposing that key Whitehall departments are moved out of London to the regions.

He suggests that the Department for Transport is moved to Birmingham.

"By spreading department headquarters around the United Kingdom, the Government can begin levelling a playing field which is currently heavily weighted in favour of London and the South East."

Eye is unconvinced.

Better to move the Department to Yorkshire so as to better focus the minds of Sir Humphreys on starting HS2's construction in the North.

Light the beacons!

This from M'Lord Howard of Effingham...

II'faith, information hath been received that the heir to the Duke of Medina Sidona and his hidalgos are plotting a new Enterprise of England, planning to subjugate Devon men to the Inquisition and the auto da fe by means of our railways .

I have already ordered that Sir Francis Drake's drum be readied as this hour of peril looms.

Men of Devon, do you wish to see trains liveried in the red and gold of our historic enemy in your shire?

Let our battle cry be "Remember 1588!"

Meanwhile, I have summoned Sir Brian Souter and will order him to Spain with all haste with a Commission to bid for public transport contracts that will verily singe the President of Renfe's beard!