Thursday, 2 July 2009


Spotted on the ECML yesterday

The Eye is happy to confirm that this was not a spoiling tactic by the Continuity NXEC.

UPDATE: This from 'Concerned NR Employee'...

Standing with your back to a moving train in the middle of the line whilst using a mobile isn't terribly sensible and it's something we are specifically warned against at safety briefings.

And shouldn't he be wearing a hard hat?

Thank you 'Concerned'.

If you look closely at the picture you will notice that there is a very large object, at a stand, on the left hand running line.

Similarly, in the middle of the right hand running line, there is a slightly smaller object which is also going nowhere.

Perhaps the use of the telephone is, in some special way, connected with the complete lack of forward motion being displayed by both of these objects?

Of course the Eye completely takes on board your sensible point about the wearing of hard hats.

Although it would appear that at certain places local arrangements may apply, as illustrated below:

'Nuff said?

UPDATE: This from Dreadnought...

Not wishing to contradict ''Concerned NR Employee" but (there's always a "but" when someone says that), as I understand it the train is on the Up Fast and the car is on the Up Slow.

So the staff in question were actually facing the train when it approached and the photo was taken looking back after the photographer had passed them.

The Fact Compiler also stands corrected.

Tudor Trains

Apologies for the lack of posts.

Been resting after yesterday's exertions.

Normal service will be resumed Friday.

Meanwhile enjoy poor deluded John Prescott pretend he has travelled on a nationalised train.

John of course was New Labour's first Secretary of State for Transport.

So what did you do to deliver the supposed nationalised utopia John?

That's right. Bugger all.

Eye hopes the mock Tudor Beams we paid for have blended in well at Prescott Towers!