Tuesday, 3 January 2012

GW OJEU exposes passenger mileage collapse!

This from Ithuriel...

According to the Great Western franchise OJEU Notice issued by DfT on 19 December:

In the last year of BR, Intercity Great Western - which then didn't include Thames Trains and other later accretions - generated 14 million passenger journeys and 1,218 million passenger miles.

So in the 'bad old days' the average length of journey was 87 miles. Today it is apparently 199 feet 6 inches.

Another triumph of numeracy from those wonderful people who still haven't brought you the IEP.

UPDATE: This from the Blue Lamp...

I think Ithuriel is being a little unfair to Marsham Street.

Whilst this OJEU may have been issued in a hurry, this hasn't prevented the Department from planning ahead.

On page 26 DfT confirms that First will retain the franchise as it expects to sign an agreement with the Aberdeen based bus bandits on 22nd November 2012

That's forward planning for you!

UPDATE: This also from Ithuriel...

According to the same consultation document

"In the last financial year, franchise revenues were £694m, while a premium of £250 million was paid to the Department for Transport".

No mention of the fact that the franchise is in Revenue Support to the maximum level and costing the Taxpayer and FGW shareholders shedloads of money.