Tuesday, 5 January 2010

RMT plays politics as the snow falls

Good to see that despite the cold weather the RMT still can't resist jumping on a bandwagon.

Especially one that's been derailed.

This just in from the brothers:

Yesterday a freight train derailed in Carrbridge in Scotland leading to diversions and disruption and two trains collided at Exeter Saint David’s. RMT will be closely monitoring investigations into the two incidents which have both reinforced the priority that has to be given to safety and the essential role of the maintenance crews.

But what's this?

Why only yesterday Network Rail issued NIR 3350/187 containing Urgent Operating Advice, which reminded all TOC/FOC drivers of the instructions contained within Rule Book Module TW1 S18:

18.1. You must carry out the following instructions when snow is falling, or fallen snow is being disturbed by the passage of trains.

18.2. You must make a full service application of the automatic brake every 3-5 minutes and make sure that the speed of your train is reduced by at least 10mph as a result of the application. If driving a locomotive – hauled train, you can extend this interval when:

  • The train is climbing a steep rising gradient, and
  • The train might be brought to a complete stand as a result of using the brake.
And NR's justification for issuing this Urgent Operating Advice?

Two category ‘A’ SPADs within two weeks, the most recent culminating in a derailment of 4N47 at Carr Bridge.

Strange that the need for brake tests was omitted from the RMT's own press release mentioning the derailment.

But then again perhaps not!