Sunday, 19 July 2009

DB illustrates Teutonic efficiency

This just in from 'die Bordsteinschwalbe'...

Have you noticed that S-Bahn Berlin has only 330 vehicles available out of 1260?

It follows a derailment in May caused by a wheel-break - and a failure to keep on top of subsequent wheel checks...

The Eisenbahn-Bundesamt is not amused, the S-Bahn board's gone and Berlin now threatens to strip DB of the franchise.

No matter - profits are up 600% since 2005.

UPDATE: More from 'die Bordsteinschwalbe'

DB says it will start services on Monday 20 July with a third of the fleet.

Things are expected to gradually improve after 10 August, but a full service isn't planned until the start of December.

How reassuring. Vorsprung durch Technik as someone once said.

Knights that go ni

Good news from the Stobart Group!

This from today's Financial Mail...

Transport and logistics group Eddie Stobart - famous for its fleet of green lorries - is holding talks with Network Rail over plans to build freight terminals on its dormant land.

Its first target is the Midlands Main Line. The move is part of Stobart's plan to shift ten per cent of its freight to rail by next year.

But what's this?

The story is illustrated with a picture of the 'Stobart Pullman' which lasted all of five months before being unceremoniously dumped by the company.

Let's hope the railfreight plans of the Knights of the Road don't also end up in a shrubbery.