Sunday, 8 February 2009

NX thrashes Eye!

A huge upset following the publication of the UK.Railway Christmas Poll results!

NX won the coveted 'Railway Website of the Year' award with a resounding 22% of the vote, whipping Railway Eye into a very poor second place.

Massive interest in the category generated a huge response with almost 15 votes being cast (Is this going anywhere? Ed).

Roger Ford meanwhile set a new world record as as he was voted Railway Journalist of the Year for the 59th time in a row. But Captain Deltic may want to wait before putting the Diamond Jubilee champagne on ice, as new entrant Ian Walmsley "impressed enough to take second place".

Meanwhile Andy Hamilton and Wrexham & Shropshire scooped a total of three awards, winning best... (continued on p94)

The Fact Compiler declines to name the individual who won the title "Tit of the Year"

Lookalike Vll

Ave Noviomagus!

Railway Eye salutes Chichester District Council!

This courtesy of a Mr Murray...

For those without bionic eyes...

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport (Daft)....

Chichester truly "Shaped by the past, living in the present".

Filey trial

One to watch...

Filey at heart of new railway crossing safety trials.

Mind you with just 18 trains a day this shouldn't tax the technology overmuch.

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