Friday, 18 December 2009

In between the tinsel, mince pies and frivolity...

...please spare a thought for those whose Christmas will be less than festive.

Help t
he Railway Children reach out to a child on our streets this Christmas by making a donation today.

Hero signalman Bill Taylor recognised

This from the BBC...

A memorial plaque has been unveiled in Cumbria to honour a railway signalman who prevented a potential disaster 25 years ago.

Good effort.

At the forefront of Railway Research

Telegrammed by Ithuriel
Good to see RSSB making good use of its £15 million Research Budget and finding topics British Rail Research overlooked.

• T703 Facilitating shared expectations between passengers and front-line staff

That's got to be first for the chop in DafT's value for money review.

UPDATE: This, surprisingly, from the late Enid Blyton...

I was disappointed to to see that RSSB ignored my my extensive oeuvre in this latest research project.

I would have thought that naughty goblins not being able to read the safety notices and thus coming to a sticky end would have been a point worth making in these days of falling child literacy.

UPDATE: This just in from Herr Ernst Mach...

Liebe Fact Compiler just to show that we Austrians have a sense of humour can I say that I was blown over by this latest report from RSSB.

Guidance on protecting people from the aerodynamic effects of passing trains

Very funny, ja?

UPDATE: This from our International Correspondent...

I fear Herr Mach has not entirely understood the issues about aerodynamics of passing trains. Austria does not yet sport a station sign quite as promising as this one at Penrith.

In Britain the passenger comes first!