Friday, 12 December 2008

Sorry love, no really does mean yes!

Good news for Mancunians should the city vote 'No' to the congestion charge.

As a valued part of the great European project Manchester's citizens will of course have the opportunity to vote again on this important topic.

And again, and again, and if necessary again - until they get the answer right!


***Nigel Harris has published his views on Wolmargate***

First for doing the BTP's job

When Ian Johnstone has finished his inquiry into the Met's assault on Parliament he may wish to turn his attention to the lackluster performance of his own force.

BTP rozzers in Plymouth managed to... ahem... misplace, vital photographs that could have secured the criminal conviction of a thug for attacking rail staff.

This from the Plymouth Herald: "After repeated questioning, BTP has now admitted to The Herald it did fail to hand over the vital photos, and did not submit the equally vital paperwork for seven months."

Fortunately First Great Western persevered with a private prosecution which saw pissed-up busker Robert Halkett sent down for four years.