Thursday, 1 October 2009

Harris - Normal service to resume shortly

RAIL head honcho Nigel Harris assures Eye that normal blogging will resume shortly.

Recent disruption, we are told, has been due to annual leave, National Rail Awards, staff holidays and sorting out The Scottish Question!

Eye can't wait for the latest issue of the magazine!

There was an Angel, an Abbott and a Nomad...

This from

LEADING rail industry operator Haydn Abbott has joined the board of Newcastle vehicle communications specialist Nomad Digital.

There has to be a joke in this somewhere...

Adonis "I will not serve in a Tory Government"

Lord Adonis appeared on the BBC's Daily Politics show yesterday.

To view Andrew Neil enjoying the sound of his own voice click here.

When the Noble Lord managed to get a word in edge-ways there were two salient quotes:

1. “Given that life expectancy is increasing, many people will get the chance to travel on the new high speed line”. Note to rolling stock manufacturers - lots of Priority Seating required.

2. "I will not serve in a Conservative Government."

Does being Chairman of HS2 count as a political appointment?

If it does then Rowlands has well and truly nailed his colours to the mast.