Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Joy In Heaven Over One Sinner That Repenteth..

This from Michael Williams, author of the newly published On the Slow Train Again...

With evening peak chaos at Euston last night, following an incident on a train at Leighton Buzzard, a well deserved plaudit for NR, Virgin and London Midland for exemplary information provision in dispersing crowds onto alternative routes.

I was caught up in it as I waited on a train for Glasgow.

After all I wrote in the Daily Mail on Saturday about poor information over delays, this was a job well done!

Okay Michael, Eye will puff your new tome - buy it here.

UPDATE: This from Michael Williams, again...

Eye readers might also be interested to know that my 'Slow Train' books occupy three of the Top Five railway book slots on Amazon today.

The other two are by a deceased person (S.N.Pike) and somebody who didn't actually write the book (M. Portillo).

That's quite enough book puffery. Ed.

UPDATE: This from Leo Pink...


How can it been that Amazon does not have the many worthy tomes by the World's Greatest Living Transport Correspondent and author filling the top of its railway books list?

Shome mishtake shurely.

UPDATE: This from The World's Greatest Living Transport Correspondent...

In response to Leo Pink, I am at number 16, 21, 23, 37 and 70!