Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Gideon strikes!

So farewell iDave!

Your time has come, and gone.

For some of us, not a moment too soon.

And who wielded the knife?

Why, officials in the department of your best friend - Gideon George Osborne!

Or so we are led to believe by Wednesday's FT, which suggests that notoriously competent "senior Treasury officials" are looking to cape HS2 in favour of more roads.

Happily, it looks like constituencies in the Chilterns will get all that they wished for and possibly deserve (sic).

Meanwhile, which way will the ever loyal Patrick McLoughlin jump?

For Eton or St Paul's?

UPDATE: HS2 Comes out fighting!

This from HS2's 'Project Manager for Ambassadors and Advocates' (who knew? Ed)...

The FT piece represents nothing more than nonsense scare mongering re: HS2:

  • The project has wide political support across the country
  • Any cost increases as a result of adding VAT are returned to government - the true cost remains the same
  • All at HS2 and our supporters recognise the importance of controlling costs and the necessity of continuing to delivering this vital piece of infrastructure on time and on budget

Errr... that'll certainly tell them!

Pointless sign - missing the point

This from Huffpo, via Pike...

Someone, please tell me it is real!

UPDATE: This from Pike once more...

Original would appear to be here.

Sadly less funny...


For shame!