Monday, 21 August 2017

SWT - the brand that refused to die!

Top tweeting here from the new incumbents of the SWT franchise...

But what is that cheeky logo on the bottom left of the message?

Surely not!

Come on First/MTR social media peeps - it really isn't that difficult to update the on-line branding!

UPDATE: They are getting there!

Note the subtle, but important, change to the hashtag.

Paddington - an expert speaks!

This via Twitter...


RMT reaffirms commitment to work with minorities

This from The Brothers...

Union calls on new Chinese operator to honour commitment to South West Trains passengers to keep guard “legends” on every train

As Chinese State owned MTR takes over the South West Trains contract RMT has called on SWT Chinese owner’s operator to honour previous commitments made to South West Trains passengers to keep a guard on every train.

What could possibly have induced RMT to lobby a Communist government company?

Alas, South Western Railways is only 30% owned by MTR.

MTR's partner and the majority shareholder in SWT is also red, but only in tooth and claw. Step forward the resolutely private sector and capitalist First Group!