Saturday, 28 February 2009

Fraser the Eagle

Good news for fans of Rail Replacement Bus Services

This from the Daily Post...

Things went from bad to worse for Fraser Eagle yesterday as Virgin and Arriva cut ties with them and searched for alternative options for passengers stuck between Holyhead and Llandudno Junction, where improvement works are being carried out.

The Lancashire company is experiencing financial difficulties and has made redundancies in past weeks.

Fraser Eagle, it will be remembered, once had grand plans to move into railway operations.

Mind you, financial difficulties and redundancies hasn't stopped others bidding for franchises.

Sunday travel

This from mhmediaonline

Adolf attempts to take his bicycle on a train... on a Sunday!


Penny wise, pound rich

Bowler tip to Driver Potter for this...

Where the air world leads can the railways fail to follow?

Ryanair is musing over whether to charge passengers for making use of on-board facilities.

How long before cash strapped TOCs follow suit?

Virgin fares farce

Beardie Rail has been caught out offering non-existent fares.

This from the News and Star...

"Virgin Trains is advertising return tickets from Cumbria to Paris and Brussels for £87 – but has now admitted the fare is impossible to obtain."

Here's to fares supremo Graeme Leech being hauled up in front of the Advertising Standards Authority!