Tuesday, 11 January 2011

HS2 to be subject to autumn delays

Good news for fans of leaf fall timetables!

This from Carrentals.co.uk...

Residents that will be living near the high speed rail route going up between Birmingham and London will get some separation from the £17 billion project. The government has announced that they will plant 2 million trees along the rail line.


UPDATE: This from a Mr Robert Wright, for it is he...

On the point about trees along HS2.

You can imagine that I immediately raised the potential for adhesion problems with the DfT press officer when he called the other day trying to get me to write about it.

It even crossed my mind that the problems might be especially severe given HS2's fairly steep gradients.

As a result, when they sent me their press release it had in capitals that the trees would be RAILWAY FRIENDLY.

Could Eye readers suggest any species which are especially 'railway friendly' as, alas, DfT were unable to suggest any.

UPDATE: This from
Chionanthus Virginicus...

I think you've forgotten that HS2 will run through the Chilterns.

Which as any fule kno is Evergreen country!