Friday, 27 November 2009

Bob Crow on HIGNFY tonight - sneak preview

This from the Ian Visits blog...

Bob Crow though was a surprising disappointment.


Ian's full review of the recording can be found here.

Bluebell request for help - update

This just in from Poser 500...

Eye readers may be interested to know that the Bluebell Railway WON the phone vote in the People's Millions Bid.

This means that it will receive funding to restore derelict 4-wheel LC&DR brake second carriage No.51 for use by mobility impaired passengers.

The refurbished vehicle should enter service by Christmas next year.

Many thanks to all those who voted and to Eye for its support.

NXEA offers season ticket incentive

This just in from Sinoda...

I wonder if Eye readers might be interested in news of an interesting promotion to be launched next week by NXEA.

This from an internal briefing:

Annual Season Ticket (AST) Holder Renewal Incentive

The AST Renewal Incentive campaign offers £20 back for every AST due for renewal between Wednesday 23rd December 2009 and Wednesday 6th January 2010, if renewed by Thursday 31st December 2009.

Customers will also receive the 2010 price if this is less than the 2009 price.

The objectives of this campaign are to:

Ensure that 2009 Annual Season Ticket (AST) holders renew in 2009

Draw forward to 2009 those AST due to renew in the first week of 2010

Capture the details of all those who renew and obtain their agreement for future marketing activity

Communication materials to support the launch include leaflets, posters, email, web site and a press release. This campaign launches Monday 7th December 2009.

Of course, providing a small incentive to persuade hundreds of your season ticket holders to renew their annual tickets early might also help the cash flow of a financially ailing parent company that's facing a huge bill from its bankers if it doesn't reduce its debt mountain before the said 31st December date.

And if you thought that perhaps your Rights Issue wouldn't go ahead after all and there was a possibility that the game might be up completely on the final day of the year, it would certainly be rather handy to have already collected all the extra cash that would otherwise have belonged to a possible new incumbent.

What a shockingly cynical view. Surely this is merely an example of the Customer Service for which NatEx is so widely renowned?