Thursday, 6 November 2008

Daft peerless!

My Lord Adonis is starting to have fun at the expense of his officials.

Or so it would appear from this exchange in the Upper House on Tuesday 4th November:

The Earl of Mar and Kellie (Spokesperson in the Lords, Transport; Liberal Democrat) Hansard source
My Lords, the Minister will have seen the Rail Regulator's determination. Does he agree that the rolling stock plan is an incomprehensible muddle, as stated in paragraphs 9.82 and 28.22?

Lord Adonis (Minister of State, Department for Transport; Labour)
No, my Lords, it was all crystal clear to me.

So a 'comprehensible muddle' M'lord?

Keep up!

RMT has welcomed the publication of TfL's 10 year Business Plan.

General Secretary Bob Crow said

TfL has made vague statements about the need to reduce headcount across TfL and that can only cause alarm among our members.

Reducing the use of over-priced outside consultants is all well and good, but there can be no question of any job losses among the people who deliver the services that London depends on".

And delivering is key Bob - hint

Oh dear

Following the previous post an angry email reaches Railway Eye.

It reads:

"Not content with using Derbyshire taxes to fund schemes that solely benefit the south, like Crossrail and the Olympics, it now appears that Londoners are determined to bugger up Duffield's local road network as well!"

By way of explanation the provincial gentleman was kind enough to furnish an article from last Friday's Derby Evening Telegraph.

The Fact Compiler doesn't understand the problem. L21 could have powered the hamlet of Duffield for a week!