Saturday, 23 August 2008

Have it awayday?

Good news for lusty users of timetable website

Adverts have started appearing on the site from Pabo, a company which offers intending rail users a range of diversionary products including the 'Prince of Namibia', 'Finger ring vibe' and 'Full size rear entry'.

The Fact Compiler compliments ATOC on selecting an advertiser who will reduce the number of passengers willing, or indeed able, to sit on overcrowded rail services.

T-12 (+12)

Network Rail has upped it's game offering Virgin West Coast a magnificent 24 hours notice of timetable changes, judging by an email received today.

"Due to improvement works happening on the West Coast Mainline in August and September, our timetables have been significantly amended to allow Network Rail to undertake major track upgrade work.

The short notice changes to our timetable are only temporary, but essential to accommodate these works which will allow us to offer an even better service in 2009.

Some train times will be changed with very short notice during August and September, so you must ensure you always check the latest timetable 24 hours before you travel.

You’ll find the latest train times at or call National Rail on 08457 48 49 50.

We’re really sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks Virgin Trains"

The Fact Compiler was about to suggest that Virgin take up this unsatisfactory state of affairs with Chris Bolt, until he remembered that it was the ORR that forced Virgin to accept NR's cock-up recovery plan.