Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mediaballs - Endependent

Good to see that penny pinching on the Street of Shame delivers quality reporting.

When well respected transport correspondent Barrie Clement left the Independent some years ago the title didn't replace him, relying on PA for most of its railway coverage.

So when the City Desk attempts to cover industry news this is what happens, with a bowler tip to @GarethBeazant:

There have also been grave concerns about the company’s £1bn debt pile, its lack of a chief executive and the precarious position of its two remaining rail franchises, East Anglia and e2e.


Surely no more preposterous than c2c, which is the actual name that NatEx has blighted the London, Tilbury and Southend franchise with.

However, somewhat wide of the mark!

Eye presumes the subs desk is also vacant?

Equalities Commission investigates NR

This from Human Resources magazine...

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has begun an investigation into Network Rail, following claims from a trade union that the organisation "paid off bullied staff".

This one will run and run...

Staffordshire developments

This from Your Leek Paper...

MCR is in the process of acquiring the disused railway line which runs from the main line at Stoke up to the Cauldon Low quarries — a distance of about 20 miles.

During the next two years, MCR intends to renovate the line completely.


Sadiq says...

Via Twitter...

At Euston waiting for the train to Woking...

You'll have a long wait then.

UPDATE: This just in from @SadiqKhan

@TheFactCompiler make that Waterloo...

Thameslink fleet update

Exciting news from Montreal!

This from The Gazette...

Bombardier Inc.'s rail- equipment unit is in line to win a $2.4-billion U.S. order for 1,100 cars for the ThamesLink passenger system in southern England and the value could rise to $4 billion U.S. if the contract includes long-term maintenance.

Good of the Canadians to let us know.