Sunday, 15 February 2009

Lookalike lX

Lookalike Vlll

End Gobshiitery

The Fact Compiler stands corrected!

Alec Trick has written to point out that:

Nigel Harris didn't sound the first trumpet against on train gobshiitery.

I did, in Todays Railways UK, July 2008!

As you will see from the below:

Are there others out there who are prepared to nail their colours to the mast?

UPDATE: This from Al...

Thanks to getting stuck in traffic I had a prolonged wait at Finsbury Park for a train out to civilisation this afternoon.

Whilst waiting, I was being driven slowly (more) insane by the announcements from the Underground (which are clearly audible even on the platforms on the surface), mainly regarding the weekend engineering works.

They seemed to feel that thirty seconds was too long to have gone without an announcement about them, with a mix of recorded and live.


Civils on Speed Shocker!

This from Bushey....

Interesting bit of film this.

Makes you wonder why the WCML upgrade took so long !