Thursday, 23 May 2013

CrossCountry rejects use of IEP! - Shocker

Good point. Well made.

Pointless signs - Euston

This from Joseph-Michel Montgolfier...

Not really a pointless sign...

More a statement of ride quality South of Rugby.

Brompton on manouveres

This from The Man in Room 205...

Given recent snaps of industry Brompton bikes, I thought you’d appreciate a picture of my SWT Brompton decidedly off region in my office at London Marylebone (Class 67’s & MK III’s sadly out of shot, as I know this blog appeals to those with a ‘professional interest’).

A great innovation, that is sadly under review. I hope the review concludes the scheme is worthwhile and should continue beyond the rumoured 3 month deadline.

Notwithstanding the health and environmental benefits of cycling, it is actually cheaper than my equivalent Oyster fares.