Monday, 15 May 2017

Pointless signs - Duffield

This from a Mr Highbrow...

The ticket machine was relocated to the front of the station several years ago.

Waterloo - it was the WON what won it.

Amazingly, since Eye's return to the fray, we have not been inveigled into giving a blatant plug for the industry's stealth newsletter Rail Business Intelligence.  

So here is an item from last week's issue:

Commissioning of the resignalling between Platforms 20-24 at Waterloo Station and International Junction, scheduled to be brought into use on May 15, has been postponed. This is part of the programme to bring the former Waterloo International platforms into domestic use as part of the CP5 Waterloo Capacity enhancement programme.  Availability of these platforms will allow the partial blockade at Waterloo from August 5-28 for the lengthening of Platforms 1-4 

It would appear that someone at the Sunday Times is an avid readers of RBI?

Eye's man with the safety critical software notes that, unusually, the Weekly Operating Notice containing this information (on Page 95 of 102) did not give a revised commissioning date.

Ooh er!