Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Dynamic Duo

David Pape will be taking on the role of LNE Route Director, following Dyan Crowther's move to the new Midlands & Continental Route.

David, formerly Route Director at Wessex, is seen as a safe pair of hands who is unlikely to do anything.

GM Neil Henry, who was covering the LNE role is believed to be taking on a Performance & Planning role at the Black Tower where he will act as batman to Robin.

Third time lucky - for some?

Network Rail is again recruiting for new Public Members.

Once selected the winning candidates join the 180 Public Members of Network Rail tasked with:

  • Receiving the annual report and accounts
  • Attending the company's annual general meeting
  • Approving the appointment or re-appointment of Network Rail's directors and auditors.
The very fact that these august individuals receive the square root of bugger-all by way of renumeration should give some idea of the esteem in which they are held and their importance to NR corporate governance.

In the past Network Rail has ensured that Public Members remain maleable by ensuring that anyone from the "awkward squad" is swiftly knocked out of the running. Thus long standing railway expert, analyst and commentator Roger Ford has been turned down twice for membership - even before interview stage.

The Fact Compiler for one will be pushing him to reapply, but what betting Sir Shambles McAllister and the DafT monkeys spike Captain Deltics application for a third time?

Last man out - turn off the lights

Latest to join the rush for the door at Metronet before TfL takes over is Mark Thurston.

Mark, who ran the track renewal programme critical to the upgrade of the sub-surface lines, joins Safety Director Ian Prosser, Mark Cooper COO, Cooper's Chief of Staff Brennan-Brown, Engineering Director Neal Lawson and a host of others who have fled Metrodebt in recent weeks.

With Thurston going and Chief Programme Officer Steve Mole's six month secondment from CPC soon to end Railway Eye wonders what it is that TfL will actually take over?

Crewe to derail the Big Grin Engine?

Gordon the Big Grin Engine faces almost certain derailment at Thursday's Crewe and Nantwich by-election.

Not even the
farce of Labour hereditary candidate Tamsin Dunwoody accusing cobbler's son Tinson of being a Tory "Toff" has taken focus away from the 10p tax shambles and Government lack of direction.

Candidates from both sides have been pictured track side and the pundits have buttonholed railway workers to ask voting intentions. The signals for Labour aren't good

Not surprising when you consider that the Big Grin is the only man in Britain who believes today's industry structure is fit for purpose.