Thursday, 22 August 2013

Farewell Trent Power Box!

This via Network Rail...

Good effort.

Meiklejohn re-emerges!

Word reaches Eye that the Ninky Nonk Train has gained another supporter!

Graham Meiklejohn, late of DBS, has set up his own communications consultancy - Meiklejohn Communications - specialising in rail and logistics.

According to a PR puff piece sent to Eye the new entity "has already commenced project work to support the Intercity Express Programme, employee engagement and passenger rail franchising."

Good news indeed!

Leaving Hitachi and DfT with just another 62 million people to convince...

Something in London's water?

Interesting revelations in the Currant Bun about TfL's Transport Commissioner.

Happily for London, Hendy's boss is not exactly in a position to take the moral high ground on marital fidelity!

Eh Boris?

Pointless signs - Ladywell