Friday, 1 May 2009

Corporate manslaughter

This from Longrider...

I’ll be watching this one with interest. Not least because it is likely to set a precedent and, because this new law; Corporate Manslaughter (2007) Act; worries me.

Read it.

WiFi tangled web

Whilst the rest of the media swallowed whole Virgin's latest puff piece about the introduction of on-train wifi the geek press was not so easily spun.

So full marks to ZDNet for spotting the inconvenient fact that:

Virgin Trains Wi-Fi arrives one year late

Beardie Rail late - never!

Be afraid, be very afraid

This from NCE...

Tube Lines appoints Dean Finch as chief executive

To paraphrase Mrs Malaprop: Tube Lines' loss is First's gain...

UPDATE: This from The Raver...

Fury at London Underground!

Read and weep, O Ye Philistines!

Telegrammed by our Independent Expert
The memorial to the great locomotive engineer as photographed at Edinburgh Waverley station on Wednesday.

The memory of Mallard's creator will live on long after the likes of TPE have been consigned to the corporate dustbin!

UPDATE: This just in from Captain Deltic...

Captain Deltic wonders what the Great engineer would have thought of Trans-Pennine Express' German Class 185 DMUs - or for that matter the Intercity Express Programme.

Since his reaction to the Reichsbahn's Flying Hamburger high speed diesel train was to show that loco-haulage could do better, we can only assume that the great man is following with approbation, from the great motive power depot in the sky, Ian Walmsley's campaigning for real inter-city trains with serious traction horsepower on the front end, rather than under the floor.