Friday, 28 September 2012

Pointless signs - Waterloo

This from the Lost Tribe of TOC...

Another pointless safety initiative apparently from the Ministry of the Bleedin' Obvious:

If the escalator is congested, and people are queueing, I'm not sure where NR expect you to stand.

Perhaps Waterloo East or Charing Cross would be a nice safe distance?

Party Conference news - LibDems

This from the Ninja

Thought Eye readers might be interested to see that the anti-HS2 mob were busy lobbying at the LibDems' Conference in Brighton.

Expect similar appearances at Manchester and Birmingham.

The arguments in their slide presentation were simplistic, contradictory and easy to demolish.

In particular I loved the comparison between the beautiful woods of the Chilterns and the maintenance depot on HS1!

I wonder who is actually paying for the stand, glossy leaflets and chocolate white elephants?

Trying to persuade them of the error of their ways was the most fun I had in Brighton this week.

Apart from hearing Cleggy's 'songified' apology, obviously.

Preston showcases 'joined up railway'

This from Old BR Engineer...

This is Platform 6 at Preston. 

The platform extension for 11 car Pendolinos was done first, then resurfacing of rest of platform, nearest to camera. 

With coper edge & height specified within tolerances of less than 25mm (relative to track) how can the joint between contracts end up like this!

Also note:
  • Channel drains not joined-up;
  • Platform 6 extension longer than Platform 5 but other end of Platform there is no difference;
  • Expensive type of paving slabs used - Wigan North Western and Warrington done with paviours (bricks) which take ages to lay and are hell to lift & relay if required.  Down south they use quick, cheap, and easy tarmac (Wimbledon and Winchester for example);
  • The main resurfacing contract clearly has some other problems still to resolve:- around column bases, and over the subway - which as an afterthought now has to be partially reconstructed to achieve the desired levels!
Oh Dear!