Thursday, 22 January 2009

New Southern Railway 27th SG supplemental agreement

A reader writes...

No student of Britain's railways in the 21st century should miss this gem published yesterday on the ORR website.

It's only 21 pages, so won't take much time to read.

However, comprehending it will take considerably longer.

UPDATE: This from someone, evidently with time on their hands...

My Dear Fact Compiler

It is not so opaque as to be beyond comprehension, although the basis of Beardie Rail's argument probably is.

This document has come about because Virgin based their Moderation of Competition argument without reference to the Railways Act 2005.

Therefore, much time and money has been less than helpfully expended on legal fees in an attempt to define when a train "calls" at a station.

As an aside the 1000 or so front line rail staff awaiting their P45s from Bowker, Ludeman and Souter can draw comfort from the professionalism and added value being delivered to the railway by these £300+ per hour comedians.

To go over the main points

5. informs us that Beardie Rail's Moderation of Competition (MOC) applies to Kenny O - MK flows, even though only XC have ever used it and since 13 December no longer do so at all. A Ghost Bus has been deployed instead.

27. NR says that a train arriving at or departing a terminus station does not "call" there.

33. As does the surviving bit of Beardie Rail, which has never run a train to Kenny O, but is still scared of potential revenue extraction...

44. ORR says this is bollocks.

52 Tells us how the Railways Act 2005 defines a call, the wording of which which accords with ORR.

55 tells us that The Regulator likes cross London services and wishes to protect them, then appears to argue that in the light of 44 above, a train TO Clapham Junction falls under the purview of the protection afforded trains projected beyond Clapham Junc onto WCML.

83 confirms that the Southern service to MK via Kenny O is a franchise commitment.

85. ORR shows us it can spell Kensington. Thank Goodness.

and in 90, ORR tells all concerned to get on with it.

So now someone with dirty hands and an orange jacket can try gauging a Class 375 into the new platforms at MK.


Lets hope it fits.

I hope this is helpful. My account will be with you shortly.

Many thanks for taking the time to explain this Mr Rumpole