Thursday, 27 May 2010

Witch report on fares disowned by Doe!

This just in from fares expert Barry Doe, following the 'Which?' report on fares today...

I understand 'Which?' has just produced another report on rail fares.

This one seems to have come to some dubious conclusions.

'Which?' never says who the consultants are but there has always been a general assumption in the industry that I have been the author!

I have indeed produced all the past reports on rail fares for 'Which?' but can tell everyone that on this occasion I was not involved in any way.

Meanwhile, according to The Blah Witch Project...

Rail firms must "stop taking passengers for a ride" by charging first class fares on trains without first class carriages, Which? magazine has said.

Eye readers are invited to draw their own conclusions.

Caveat emptor - you have been warned!

UPDATE: This from @SWLines, via Twitter...

To be honest half the findings that they came to is crop.

Luton Airport - Wimbo much faster via EMT & SWT!

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

This from the Ministry of Silly Walks...

Operational Note - HSE prosecutes Health Protection Agency

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is prosecuting the Health Protection Agency (HPA) following an incident in October 2007 at its Centre for Infections in Colindale, where an amount of E.coli O157 was spilt onto the floor of the site waste discard facility as it was being disposed of.

The next court date is set for Friday 28 May at 10.00am at City of London Magistrates Court, 1 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4N 4XY.

The first staff-officer jumped right over the second staff-officer's back...

Good news for Standard Class passengers!

This just in from Jumbo...

With politicians together with Sir Humphrey and his cohorts being reduced to joining lesser mortals travelling standard class, what is the future for first class in the UK?

Will Sir Humphrey decide that the abysmal standard class seating in FGW's high-speed trains meets his taste, or will he instigate changes?

We live in exciting times.

UPDATE: This from our International Correspondent...

Could it be that the aforementioned civil servants, finding themselves in straitened travelling circumstances, will follow the precedent of an earlier Liberal Prime Minister?

William Ewart Gladstone (for it was he) advised the Midland Railway in 1874 to abolish second class.
(Presumably so that there was more space to minister to the needs of Ladies of the Night? Ed)

UPDATE: This from The Master...

Reduce the number of standard seats in Standard on FGW?

Dream on!

If all the Sir Humphrey's are to be accommodated there will be a need for more - not less seats.