Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Greening Gobbleygook - Operations Stepchange

Eye is a little late to this but here is the Captain of Netball in all her glory...



With this sort of wibble apparently drawn without irony from 'The Thick Of It' someone's 'remode' in the forthcoming reshuffle cannot come soon enough!

UPDATE: Wise words from the Beeb...

The wags have already compared it to The Thick Of It, the political satire which coined terms such as the "infiltration matrix" and "plasmic data modelling".

Just fancy that!

Update: This from the Video Producer...
Norman Baker's suggests making use of Video Conferencing to avoid using public transport for the following reasons:

1. To save money - doesn't that say something about government fares policy (maybe he could look at split ticketing); and

2. Because it's good for the environment, lowering carbon emissions etc.

However, Stormin' Norman is standing in a video studio in front of a background lit with a pair of old-type 800w (each) "redhead" video lamps which use conventional, un-green, incandescent lamps that create loads of wasteful heat in their inefficient operation.

Why isn't the DfT studio set up with the new LED-based video lights which are hugely more energy efficient and "greener".

Practice what you preach, eh Norm?