Friday, 19 October 2012

Lookalike - Political careers derailed 1830-2012

UPDATE: This from Everyone...

It would appear that the now former Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell, has saved Gideon's political bacon...

Gideon Gripped!

This from @RachTownsendITV (for non Twitter regulars read from the bottom up)...

That's the SOFA slashed then.

Bare faced cheek from mainland Europe!

This headline from New Europe On-line: EU Update...

"UK’s rail transport interoperability with Europe’s mainland still lacks behind"

That's a bit bloody rich!

Coming, as it does, from a continent whose railways insists on deliberately building their trains so they don't fit our bridges, tunnels and platforms!

That is all.

Porterbrook - Bringing home the bratwurst!

This from Tommy Atkins...

Exciting news from the nation's favourite ROSCO...

Porterbrook Leasing has signed a contract with LNWR to repaint 72 Class 150/2 vehicles operated by Arriva Trains Wales, valued at £1M
With franchising stalled this is indeed good news for the UK's increasingly beleaguered rolling stock supply chain!

But what's this?

The 150/2s are operated by Arriva Trains Wales - part of Arriva - owned by Deutsche Bahn.

They will be repainted by LNWR - owned by Arriva - part of Deutsche Bahn.

And the job is being funded by Porterbrook - part-owned by Deutsche Bank.

Deutschland über alles indeed!

Railway Garden Competition - Abroad

This from a Mr Door Bell...

Here are a couple of pics of the approach to Lindau HBf on Lake Constance, Germany.

Note the keenness with which our Teutonic colleagues compete, as they endeavour to lay claim to one of the coveted Railway Garden Competition awards. 

Perhaps DB has Arriva spying on the UK's best entries.