Monday, 9 August 2010

Railway Garden Competition - Middlesbrough

This from our Independent Expert...

Who wins?

No contest between the platform tubs and the permanent way display at Middlesbrough last Thursday.

Railway Garden Competition - Dumbarton Central

This from zstephen...

Presumably Dumbarton's Civic Father's didn't quite have this view in mind when making this award?

Perhaps the Railway Garden Competition needs a Forestry Category?

Pointless Garden - Conflation edition

This from the Rover...

Taken just outside Waterloo...

Not sure if this is a garden or pointless sign...

Lookalike - Transport Policy

Good news indeed for rail user and pressure groups!

So after all the huff and puff it is evident that we are not all in this together and that ministers are no longer to think the unthinkable.

Now let's see how Cameroon and Petrol-head fair against the power of rail users.