Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Trainy speakibold: SWT

The late Prof Unwin particularly compliments SWT on this piece of railway speak:

"Delays due to power supply problem at Vauxhall."

Translation: 'Trainy got on firibold. Naughty 'leccy.'

ICE arrives at St Pancras

This video via YouTube of today's arrival of an ICE3 at St Pancras.

Either the train suffered a catastrophic derailment or the photographer had a long night.

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

Can't DB's press office make a better video available?

ICE test train causes panic in Lobby

News from the Lobby...

After a discussion on the Strategic Defence and Security Review the following exchange took place at this morning's lobby briefing with the Downing Street spokesman:

Transport minister Theresa Villiers is meeting an intercity train from Frankfurt at St Pancras, said the prime ministers spokesman.

"Don't ask me why - before you ask" he added.

A correspondent said it was to publicise the Germans' intention to run a high speed train from Berlin into the centre of London.

"Does the Defence Secretary know about this? " asked another...