Monday, 13 October 2008

Mayor's diary

Telegrammed by The Raver
Boris was meeting the deputy mayor of Beijing, this morning, whose name is:

Mr Chen Gang.

We wonder how many people came with him!!

Sins of the father

Several pundits have pointed out that Geoff Hoon's father (and grandfather) worked on the railways.

The Fact Compiler is struggling to see how this is relevant to the job now in hand.

Take the case of bungling, back to basics philanderer and former Tory prime minister, John Major - the man who broke the railway.

Major's father had no political experience and worked in a circus.

Ah - now I begin to see your point!

Short changed

Before you ask - no we do not now own a Rosco.

The £37bn of our hard earned cash that Gordon is throwing at the profligate wankers (sic) will not see one Rosco returned to public ownership.

HSBC isn't supping with the devil, Porterbook is owned by Spanish bank Santander and Angel was flogged off by RBS to a consortia owned by Babcock and Brown earlier this year.

However, the Voyagers are partly owned by demic bank HBOS.

So today we can celebrate the return of a small part of the fleet to the public sector. Probably the bit by the vestibule areas where the constantly leaking loos make it smell of piss.