Monday, 25 October 2010

Alstom dies a thousand PR deaths

This from the FT...

France’s Alstom has asked London’s High Court to grant an injunction to stop Eurostar from finalising a €600m ($838m) train order with Siemens, its German rival, claiming loss of the contract would be a “significant blow” to its reputation worldwide.

Quelle réputation?

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

That is a little unfair.

Alstom gave us the class 458s and 180s...

Sorry, as you were.

UPDATE: This from Captain Deltic...

Perhaps the Fact Compiler should attend the Modern Railways Golden Spanners Awards at the end of this month.

There he would be able to discover that the class 458 is, in fact, the fifth most reliable modern EMU fleet in Britain, on a par with the Siemens Desiros and superior to all but one Bombardier Electrostar fleet.

However, this is all down to SWT's Wimbledon Depot and fleet owner Porterbrook.

And whilst on the subject of the Golden Spanners Awards, perhaps I could take this opportunity to point out that seats are still available for the awards ceremony at a remarkably inexpensive...
(that's enough blatant plugging. Ed)

UPDATE: This from the Man by the Photocopier...

The benevolent authorities who run the Budapest Metro have refused Alstom's new rolling stock for line M2, saying that the brakes don't meet Hungarian standards. No Type Licence, no 244m euros. Woe, woe and thrice woe!

Alstom says it may appeal.

These trains are in service in four other cities, and meet the toughest standards .... (cont'd p94).

Home Service explores Parly Trains

This from Sinoda...

I thought Eye readers might be interested in this programme, due for broadcast on Radio 4 at 11:00 this coming Wednesday:

The Stockport-Stalybridge service is what's known as a "parliamentary train" and exists only so that the rail company can avoid going through formal closure proceedings.

Continuity announcer: "And now on Radio Four, Today in Parlytrains".

New rolling stock - a game of two halves?

This from Roy Race..

On 14 October 14 Chile's President Sebastian Piñera challenged the 33 miners to a game of football, jokingly suggesting that the winners would keep the Presidential Palace.

Philip Hammond has asked me to captain the DfT side in a similar match to determine the future of the Intercity Express Programme.

Can anyone offer a ground where the Marsham Street Academicals and Railway Industry United can meet?

UPDATE: This, surprisingly, from Sir Bobby Moore...

Why not Derby's Pride Park and make it a double header between Siemens and Bombardier for the Thameslink Trophy

UPDATE: This, remarkably, from Franz Beckenbauer..

I'm up for it and we are so confident of German superiority that we are not worried about home advantage.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Potatohead...

Please pay me £10.4m a year - I'm worth it. (Is this right? Ed)

UPDATE: This, allegedly, from a Mr Salman Butt...

I saw a bloke on Marsham Street happily stick a grand on Hitachi edging it through at 13/1.

Have you bet on new trains? Alternatively perhaps you're a bookie who has also seen heavy money go down on the IEP at odds close to a Baker's Dozen? Either way Eye wants to hear your story.

Trainy speakibold: Train to Crystal Palace

This from @carmenego via Twitter...

Prof Unwin offers: "Whilst knowy all thing langispeak this deeply confusy. London Overgrab excell in deep folly upside-daddle worms."