Friday, 26 November 2010

Telegraph backs HS2 - Shocker

There will be purple faces over Chiltern breakfasts tomorrow!

The Torygraph has come out in favour of HS2.

This from David Millward...

But every generation should do something to leave its mark and perhaps the new age of the train will be our contribution to posterity.

Read it!

Good effort.

Lookalike - Whyter than Wight

This from Lazarus...

I cannot help but notice the striking similarity between Modern Railway's diagram of Glasgow - Edinburgh routes (December 2010 issue, page 38) and the outline of the Isle of Wight.

Are they perhaps related?

Villiers Vignettes - The sound of silence

This from The Banker...

Cruella was in Leeds this lunchtime on what I think is called a 'whistlestop'.

Sadly no whistle in evidence nor indeed any announcement.


Nothing at all!

Not even a re-announcement!

There might be 100 additional coaches (sorry, carriages!) for Yorkshire, then again there might not.

Who knows?

The Hammond Organs of course refused to say in advance what the visit was all about.

So, predictably, local media ignored it, with just a crowd of three forlornly gathered...

How unlike those euphoric days when cheering crowds thronged the streets to salute the Saviour of the Jammy Dodger!

UPDATE: This from a Mr Mitchell....

Perhaps the reason for the low turnout in Leeds was due to confusion amongst the Tykes about who is actually responsible for today's railways.

This from local rag the Wakefield Express...

Theresa who?

Turkeys vote against Christmas - Shocker!

This gem from Local Transport Today...

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has hit out at the Government’s approach to cutting costs of infrastructure projects.

Industry wants to deliver high-quality, good value services to its clients, but simply asking suppliers to reduce their prices is no magic bullet,” ACE chief executive Nelson Ogunshakin said.

Just fancy that!

Hitachi resorts to type in IEP negotiations

This from the Northern Echo...

TRAIN builder Hitachi yesterday hinted it could walk away from plans to create thousands of jobs in the North East amid Government delays to a key contract.

Good to see that the spirit of 'Manchurian diplomacy' is alive and well in Tokyo.

Mr Kipling and co may also wish to watch their backs on the 7th December...