Monday, 17 September 2012

Pointless sign - Northern, Class 150

This from a Mr Banks...

Is pregnancy really a disability?

Pointless signs - Thames South Bank

This from Pedantic of Purley...

Let us ignore for the moment that “bridge” HHH 410 appears to consists of some red pillars sticking out over the river Thames and is unlikely to affect the safety of trains.  

It is a bit difficult to imagine a scenario where the watercourse in question, the Thames, is blocked. 

In the event of the Thames freezing solid or debris sufficient to prevent the river free flowing I am sure that the 'Rail Authority' would be aware of it without the need of a phone call from a passing member of the public.

Railway Sculptures - Longsight

This from Dr Gloucester...

I wonder if I might submit the following entries for Eye's occasional series 'Railway Sculptures'?

Seen near the former Staff Halt for Longsight depot, this track panel and sleepers appear to have been left over from a relaying job.  

Judging by the colour of the sleepers, and the well established vegetation which has sprouted through them, it looks like they've been there for a number of years and should qualify for entry into Eye's Railway Garden Competition as well.

A little further south are more piles of several hundred new concrete sleepers, slowly being swallowed up by the encroaching greenery.

Aside from the untidy appearance these present, how can the rail industry afford to waste material like this, I doubt this stuff is particularly cheap?